Rockinghams Cleaner Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Services in West Australia

The dry cleaning equipment we use removes those hard things that are hard to get off or that are stuck on – even stains that many other carpet cleaner companies may struggle to get rid of. We always aim to restore floors using the original chemical balance in your flooring, leaving your carpets clearly brighter and fresher – giving them that fresh new vibrant look they once had.

The special and trusted cleaning products we use are great at getting rid of dangerous germs, microorganism and fungi from your floor for the duration of the cleansing procedure. Our carpet cleaning process leaves no detergent residue leaving your flooring safe for you and your family. Our unique carpet cleaning machine has a number of awesome advantages over many other conventional cleaning carpet services. At Rockinghams carpet cleaning we leave no wet damp smelly odor after cleansing – just a light clean perfumed smell.

Our outfit uses these simple steps to ensure a smooth professional – high quality service is provided at all times:

  • First step – We begin by using an  industrial strength vacuum cleaner to remove all dried in dirt, grime and dust residue unseen to the human eye from your carpets this enables the fibers to open up.
  • Second step – We will always pre-treat those hardened stains with our special cleaning solutions and stain removal products. This attention to detail to these stubborn spots is a major part of our expert service.
  • Third step –Our impressive carpet cleaning technology lifts dirt and grime along with those hard to remove stains from your carpets. The carpet cleaning process will also leave your carpet with the correct chemical balance to help restore and rejuvenate whilst assisting to bring back the original colors to your beloved carpets.
  • Fourth step – Our expert professionally trained staff will carefully groom your carpet after cleaning to assist in resetting your carpets pile and ensure you get the best possible finish to your professional floor cleaning service.